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CoQ10, Heart Health and Gum Disease

One of the enduring questions about oral health today is how much of an impact a condition like gum disease has on a health condition like heart disease. But regardless of the full connection, a nutritional supplement may help patients who are struggling with both. It’s called CoQ10.

CoQ10 is a naturally-occurring enzyme that can be found in the body, in some foods, and can be created safely in a lab. In many cases, a patient with a heart condition has a CoQ10 deficiency. Conversely, adding more CoQ10 to a patient’s diet may have a beneficial effect on treating, preventing, and reversing a range of problems, some heart-related, some not.

Those conditions include:

It’s also been shown that CoQ10 can have a positive impact on gum disease. In preliminary studies focusing on this relationship, CoQ10 was taken orally as a supplement and applied directly to the patient’s gum tissue. Both treatment methods may be helpful for treating or preventing this common oral health conditions.

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