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Enjoy a Full Night of Sleep with a Custom-Made Snore Guard

Snoring is a problem for many patients. Maybe it’s keeping you from getting a restful night of sleep, or maybe it’s putting a strain on an important relationship. But the good news is that, for patients who struggle with snoring, relief can be found in the form of a snore guard.

What Is a Snore Guard and How Does It Stop Snoring?

A snore guard is a non-surgical device that’s very similar to an athletic mouthguard, except that you wear it while you sleep. It works by undoing what causes snoring in the first place.

And what is that, exactly?

For most patients, snoring is caused by blocked air passages. What a snore guard does, then, us unblock those passages by repositioning the jaw and tongue to make it possible for air to pass through easily and without any obstruction. What’s more, a snore guard is custom-made for you. That means you can look forward to wearing it comfortably while you sleep so you can wake up and feel great in the morning.

Do You Want to Learn More?

To find out more about snore guards and how they can help you, call Bethesda Sedation Dentistry. At our Bethesda dental office Dr. Klotz and Dr. Schlossberg would be happy to talk to you about how we can help you stop snoring so you and your partner can sleep comfortably through the night.