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How Fluoride Benefits Your Teeth

use-fluoride-toothpaste-1In our last post, we defined what plaque is and how to manage it. Today we’d like to define another common dental term and explain its impact on oral health.

This time we’re talking about fluoride.

Fluoride is used is most major toothpaste brands, and many communities add it to their water supply. What’s more, there are even mouthwashes that include fluoride as a major ingredient.

Why do all these things have fluoride? Because it helps your teeth stand up against acid, bacteria, and plaque.

Our teeth have an outer protective layer called enamel. To truly protect our teeth, this layer has to stay strong. If it becomes weak, it’s possible to develop cavities or, eventually, to develop an infection at the very center of your tooth.

Fluoride helps our enamel stay strong by attracting helpful minerals. As a result, teeth are better protected from outside damage, which helps you enjoy better oral and overall wellbeing as a result.

Yet as helpful as fluoride is, it’s possible to get too much of it. The result of this is fluorosis. Patients with fluorosis will develop white streaks or specks on their teeth. More serious cases will cause discoloration or brown markings.

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