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Have You Scheduled Your First 2014 Visit Yet?

general dentistryHow often should you see your dentist? That’s a very common question, and the answer might surprise you. Where you might see your primary care doctor just once a year, it’s really important to see your dental team at Bethesda Sedation Dentistry twice in a 12-month period.

Why so often?

Because of how quickly and easily it is for common oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease to develop, and without any obvious symptoms. You could be struggling with decay or gum disease without even knowing it. A big part of providing effective dental care is treating conditions like these—and others—early. When care is provided early, more of your natural smile can be preserved, benefiting your oral and overall wellbeing in the long run.

A regular visit to Bethesda Sedation Dentistry will also include a professional cleaning. Home care is important for keeping teeth clean on a daily basis and in between appointments, but brushing and flossing by themselves aren’t enough to keep your smile as clean as it should be. A professional cleaning at Bethesda Sedation Dentistry will help you remove bacteria and plaque from above and below the gum line. Plus, if you have questions about how to care for your teeth at home, you can talk to our wonderful hygienist, Sarah, Dr. Klotz or Dr. Schlossberg about how you can brush and floss better.

Do you want to schedule your first appointment for 2014? Call Bethesda Sedation Dentistry today. We serve patients from Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Potomac, Annapolis, Crofton, Baltimore, Crownsville, and Washington D.C.