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What If I Don’t Have Enough Bone Density for Dental Implants?

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Are you interested in dental implants but have been told you don’t have sufficient jawbone structure and/or density to qualify as a good candidate? At Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, we may be able to help. Our experienced dentists – Dr. Robert Schlossberg and Dr. Deborah Klotz – offer bone grafting, an innovative procedure that can be employed to help create an ideal foundation for the placement of dental implants.

Designed to correct issues ranging from insufficient bone density to jawbone fractures to jawbone recession and/or deterioration, bone grafting is conducted by placing one or more donor bone grafts into the targeted area of bone loss. Over the course of a few months, the graft should fuse to the existing jawbone structure, helping to provide a more adequate foundation for the dental implant to be placed and permanently secured.

As an added benefit, Dr. Deb and Dr. Rob can utilize sedation dentistry to help make the bone grafting treatment as efficient and comfortable as possible. By selecting the right sedation method based on your unique needs, your procedure can often be performed quicker and without excessive pain or extended downtime.

Ultimately, if you’ve been advised that you are not a good candidate for dental implants due to poor jawbone density and/or bone loss, bone grafting may be able to significantly increase your opportunity for successful implant surgery.

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