Bone Grafting

In order to be considered a good candidate for dental implants, you must have sufficient jawbone structure to safely and effectively support the tooth restoration. For individuals who do not have adequate bone structure, bone grafting is an advanced procedure than can often be performed to help regenerate lost bone and/or add extra volume to the jawbone, ultimately providing an excellent foundation for dental implants while improving your overall oral health.

Am I a candidate for bone grafting?

Whether caused by periodontal disease, trauma or another factor, you may be a candidate for a bone graft prior to dental implant surgery if you are affected by one or more of the following:

Using our innovative bone grafting techniques, our highly experienced cosmetic dentists, Dr. Deborah Klotz and Dr. Robert Schlossberg, can help restore proper jawbone structure and significantly increase the chance for successful – and potentially permanent – dental implant results.

How is bone grafting performed?

To conduct the bone grafting procedure at Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, Dr. Rob or Dr. Deb will first clean and sterilize gum tissues in the area of your missing tooth. They will then carefully place the small bone graft(s) adjacent to your existing jawbone structure, enabling your bone tissue to regenerate around the newly implanted graft with the aim that the two will fuse together for improved strength and durability. Not only can bone grafting help provide enough support for the titanium implant post, but preserving and/or building new bone aids in the health and aesthetics of gum tissues surrounding the new restoration.

With advanced sedation dentistry options available, the bone grafting procedure can be performed more comfortably and efficiently than ever before, typically allowing you to return home the same day with minimal to no downtime or pain following surgery. In most cases, it can take about six months for the bone graft to fully integrate into the jaw, after which time your dental implant(s) can often be placed safely and effectively.

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