I grew up on a farm in the 1950s and ‘60s without fluoride-treated water and dental checkups. My first dental experience was as a college student with an impacted molar. I went to a nearby dentist’s office and he pulled a tooth. Then he pulled the one that was impacted. In the following 40 years I collected a mouthful of crowns, 4 bridges and the certainty there would be more patches, more extractions, and more pain.

I went to Bethesda Sedation Dentistry in late 2017 after the total failure (cracked root) of an upper canine removed by my previous dentist exposed root decay in an adjoining 3-tooth molar bridge. That dentist proposed installing individual implants and replacing the bridge. I didn’t get a complete quote, but the individual implants would run about $8,000 each and there were four teeth and a bridge to be replaced immediately.

I heard radio ads about the HyBridge system at Bethesda Sedation Dentistry so I called for information and spoke with Rocky, who addressed all my questions over maybe 5 minutes and then invited my wife and me to an in-office meeting with Dr. Rob. That was followed by a checkup (including a CT scan) and a fixed-price quote for a full-mouth restoration. The advantages I saw were:

1. Lower overall cost and a significantly reduced schedule. For example, bone graft material and sinus surgery were included in the quote.

2. Much less pain with sedation. I was under twice, once for extractions (and related surgeries) and again to install implants.

3. CT scanner providing 3-D images to ensure that implants (6 in the upper jaw, 5 in the lower) were placed at optimal locations.

4. Dr. Rob’s experience with HyBridge. As an engineer, I really appreciated Dr. Rob’s knowledge of materials and mechanical forces, and his assurance that bone would continue to grow around implants because of the way biting forces are spread to all implants. (I met someone during this time whose implants, installed elsewhere, had loosened and pulled out of the jaw.)

In addition to Rocky and Dr. Rob, the rest of the staff were just amazing and the results are fantastic. So, yes, I’d do it again. But my mouth is so well built that I don’t expect to need any major dental work. I’m going in 3 times a year for cleanings and checkups with Kathryn, who impresses me with her attention to the best methods for cleaning implants.

– Al