Dr. Rob,

I just want to thank you again for working on my teeth. I`m so relieved to finally be able to use ALL of my teeth to chew food…lol. And I was so relieved to wake up from the IV sedation and hear you say that you were able to get everything done in one visit!

You should know, btw – that the tooth feels TOTALLY different. It actually feels stronger and more stable than my regular teeth – where as BEFORE you worked on it, it was a wobbly mess and very sensitive. You also did a great job on the backside/inside of the tooth because that temp filling is gone and it is no longer a rough surface, it feels very smooth.

My teeth and mouth are no longer sore – my jaw is still a little sore (I think you guys said 1-2 weeks it might take to recover). I can actually feel it getting slightly better every day though.

Anyway – I`m very happy with everything ESPECIALLY the fact that you separated my two back teeth on my lower left side…from what I can tell they had been filled in together so it was basically one tooth – am I right? It looks like you separated them, so i actually have 2 teeth instead of one mammoth siamese tooth.

Thanks a billion!