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Dear Dr. Rob, Dr. Deb, Adrienne, Cathy, Diane, Dora, and Kimberly,

I’ve suffered from dental phobia all of my life. Before I came to you, every dental appointment left me feeling traumatized. By my early 20’s, my phobia was debilitating; I couldn’t bear to see or think about anything dental related. It was terribly embarrassing, and I felt humiliated and ashamed.

I knew I would have to overcome my terror somehow so I could get the care I needed, but I just couldn’t do it. It had been ten years since I’d been to see a dentist. And then, a few months ago, I cracked a tooth.

I was horrified, of course, because now there was an emergency situation forcing my hand. I didn’t have a dentist, and I didn’t know how I was going to find someone who could help me without making my phobia worse. Bruce, thinking that sedation dentistry would be my best option, found your website through a Google search. I spent a LONG time reading and re-reading everything there, especially the testimonials, which I found incredibly touching. (though they sounded almost too good to be true- how wrong I was!) Somehow I knew your office was my best chance in making it through what lay ahead, so Bruce called and left a message about making an appointment.

This may sound silly to you, but being reassured that we could “leave a message of any length” was our first clue that yours is an office so different from the majority of medical professionals out there—and we’ve dealt with more than our share the past few years. And when Adrienne returned our call, Bruce and I were so impressed with her desire to obtain as thorough an understanding of my situation as possible, while showing such kindness and compassion, that we were quite literally shocked.

My first consultation was a few days later, and I could barely get out of the car. I joked with Bruce that he had better take me by the arm, or I’d run off as quickly as possible and never look back. I was shaking so badly when we approached your office, and was amazed to see Adrienne standing there as if she were waiting for us. She greeted me by name before I even told her who I was, and she smiled so warmly, so kindly, and spoke so reassuringly that I felt I could let my guard down a little. She talked with us until Dr. Rob came to meet us in the waiting room.

Dr. Rob was warm, gentle, and unassuming. He took special care to assure me that I was in control, that I could set my own boundaries. That first consultation made such an impression on me. Dr. Rob asked so many questions- he seemed interested in me as a person in need of dental care, not as a patient name or ID number. I was shocked to discover that I felt comfortable enough to go back right then and there and allow Cathy to take x-rays. I have to say, Cathy intimidated me at first, because she was in control of those scary machines, but she soon had me laughing as she kept knocking into things- just like me. We were all actually laughing and joking with one another. I never thought I could do that in a dentist’s office! (And we still laugh and joke, which is absolutely wonderful!)

Everyone introduced themselves during those first two consultations, and even though I was too anxious to recall your names at first, I recalled your smiling faces. Not “business-smiles,” but genuine, friendly, open smiles. That was my first impression of Kimberly and Diane.

Since then, every single interaction Bruce and I have had with you all has left us gobsmacked. We have never experienced- or heard of anyone else experiencing –the incredible, professional dental care that you provide, in an atmosphere where people feel truly comfortable – even relaxed. Or-gasp!- Happy!

I’m sure that the office atmosphere is a result of the conscious choices you make each day to do your jobs with excellence and compassion. But you go above and beyond: You don’t HAVE to be so funny or so kind (and all of you are!) You don’t HAVE to give out your cell phone number and allow nervous patients to call you with questions about an upcoming appointment during a holiday weekend (Dr. Rob!). You don’t have to be a rock star with a needle (Dr. Deb!). You don’t have to call and check up on someone when you’re in a car on your way to the beach (Cathy!). You don’t have to hold my hand or stroke my hair, like Dora did – and Cathy too. You don’t have to ask questions about my life and remember the names of all four of my cats, like Diane did. (And these are just a handful of examples…)

You don’t have to treat us as though we’re your friends, but you do- all of you do. To you these things may seem like everyday actions, but to me, and others like me, they are extraordinary. You make such an incredible difference. Empathy changes lives. If every medical office were run according to your standards of skill and compassion, there would be a lot less suffering in the world and a lot less fear.

Sitting in that (very comfortable) blue chair may never be a thrilling experience, but thanks to all of you, I can face it. I’m not scared anymore.

Thank you so very much!