The search for a good dentist is not an easy one. I started my dental search at the Sedation Spa with Dr. *****. I was not happy with the treatment (both the medical treatment and the way I was treated as a customer). So I left them. A friend told me about BSD and the great staff so I decided to give you all a call and I am so happy I did.

I know I have been a pain in the neck. I know I am a difficult patient with very illogical fears. I appreciate all that each of you has done for me. Everyone there has been great and I could go on about all of your employees. But I wish to say thank you to Cathy for the conversation, the compliments, and making me feel as comfortable as possible as I wait for the procedure (and the drugs to take affect). I want to thank the other Kathy for taking time to call and check up on me and help me through the administrative parts of my visit there. Iona. thank you for always being interested in how I feel, eager to cheer me up and always prepared to deal with my fragile state whenever I am visiting your office. You have put up with my whining and fears the whole time, with obvious understanding and sympathy. You all have been tremendous. Every one there is such a joy. You have all made my most feared times so much more than just bearable.

I know I am not done and I have more appointments to come, but I wanted you all to know how much easier this has been than I ever thought was possible. With what you have done for me I am no longer as terrified as I once was.