My first experience with a dentist was age five in the late 1950’s. I went there to have a molar extracted and was extremely upset at the prospect. Crying in the chair yelling for my mother, the dentist told me I would never see my mother again if I didn’t stop crying. I was off to the races running from future dental

Through the years I went to the dentist when necessary to get treated for pain and made many excuses not to have regular checkups. I just figured I would wait for technology to catch up to my needs. Well. As you can imagine, it took years, but it was time to get this settled once and for all. I began my research in the DC area and all roads kept leading back to Bethesda Sedation.

Today it is a rare occurrence that an advertisement lives up to its promises, but not only has the Bethesda Sedation Dentistry practice done that, they exceeded all expectations.

The team Dr Deb and Dr Rob have assembled are more than qualified. A meeting takes place every morning to discuss the patient needs of the day and when you walk in, everybody is on board and knows exactly what their mission is.

I went full boat on the upper and lower Hybridge. The pain of extraction was eliminated with sedation and the pain following was fine and expected. I never took more than ibuprofen in order to take the edge off.

There were more fittings and tweaks than a young bride may experience getting her dress fitted in order to reach perfection. In the end, BSD would not let me leave until they were satisfied with their engineering and artistry.

My process began in the Spring of 2018 and was completed in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Would I do it again? Without hesitation.